Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Caught a glimpse

2 years later

Long time since last blogpost..What happened? Time went bye, and I have been busy with cultural work but not so much photography anymore. I also met my husband, bought a house , got pregnant and gave birth to my son (he came on my birthday, actually !! Of all the days he could have picked he had to choose MY birthday..I am not so happy to share that day with him since I am kind of childish and want all the attention myself, but I guess he was a good birthday present after all) 
Well, this year I have been photographing ALOT, since I decided around Christmas time last year that I would try to take pictures every day all through 2014. I am staying home on a maternity leaf all year anyway, so I might as well use the time to photograph :-) I am not sure how I will use this "photo project", but it will hopefully end up as a calendar, a photo book, an exhibition or so. Here is a collage showing my first half of this year, I´ve got thousands of everyday photos already- and of course hundreds of photos of my son..