Sunday, March 14, 2010

Frozen lake on a sunny day

These photos were taken at Hamar and shows Mjøsa, Norway's longest lake.
This is the area where I grew up, and I remember ice fishing with my family when I was little (the guy with the bike is carrying equipment to go ice fishing!) .My sister lost her cell phone a couple of years ago, slipping out while she was bending over the small hole in the ice..oops!
The photo of a tall sculpture is a Glockenspiel, that plays music every hour.Quite neat.

Photoshoot with Strofe

Details from the apartment

Cross country skiing

Norwegians love winter sport and casual cross country skiing on weekends.
We did pretty good during the Olympics considering our 4,5 mill. population.

My photo books

I've made 3 photo books through's really easy and fairly cheap to make self-published books.I love book projects! It keeps me inspired and focused when I photograph,because I'm constantly considering each image (or shoot) as part of a bigger story.
Click here to see my profile at blurb where you can get a preview of mine and others' books.
Everybody who likes to photograph should make a book themselves,it's a great way to keep memories last forever.